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Welcome to Apothecary, a cocktail bar focused on bringing forward the flavours of herbs and spices. Originally inspired by the unique flavours of various medicinal herbs, we at Apothecary look for different methods to approach these intricate ingredients, putting countless hours of effort into bringing them to life in the form of cocktails.

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Awakening Journey

01. Brilliant Light low.jpg

The Brilliant Light

[Guide] – Sweet, Refreshing, Earthy

02. Benevolent Singularity low.jpg

Benevolent Singularity

[Kindness] – Vegetal, Cacao, Coffee

Unstoppable Entanglement

[Perception] – Tart, Refreshing, Tea

04. Strange Gravity low.jpg
05. Guile Waltz low.jpg
06. Never Blooming Chasm low.jpg

Strange Gravity

[Attraction] – Spirit Forward, Nutty

07. Virtuous Rote low.jpg

Guile Waltz

[Understanding] – Refreshing, Fruity

08. Sentient Interlude low.jpg

Never Blooming Chasm

[Compromise] – Sour, Smokey, Vegetal

Virtous Rote

[Wisdom] – Creamy, Dry

Sentient Interlude

[Time] – Sweet, Anise, Tropical

09. Cardinal Sense low.jpg

Cardinal Sense

[Instinct] – Sesame, Bitter, Earthy

10. All in Good Time low.jpg

All in Good Time

[Growth] – Dry, Coconut


Wolf Peach Highball

[Redemption] – Umami, Fruit, Refreshing


Quintessential Negroni

[Core] - Bittersweet, Numbing, Cacao

03. Unstoppable Entanglement low.jpg

Small Bites


Cheese Platter

3 Types Seasonal Cheeses


Charcuterie Platter

Iberico ham aged 24 months, Salchichon, Chorizo


Mixed Platter

Iberico ham aged 24 months, Chorizo, 2 Types Seasonal Cheeses


Mini Chicken Waffle

Chicken Tenders, Waffles, Brown Sugar Sauce

Persian Marinated Olives with Walnuts

Olives, Walnuts, Brine, Mint, Garlic

Choco Dipped Pretzels

Pretzels Half Dipped Into Chocolate

*contains nuts

Contact Us

3A, Carfield Commercial Building, 75-77 Wyndham Street, Central

+852 2893 8233

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Home: Our Drinks
Home: Contact

Opening Hours

Monday : Closed / Tuesday - Thursday : 5pm - 1am

Friday - Saturday  : 5pm - 2am / Sunday : 5pm- 1am

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